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Cell Phone Screen Repair

We are more likely searching to cell phone screen repair because we have a smartphone or a tablet, or both, in order to stay connected at all times during our travels. These devices that we win, now permanently with us even more vulnerable to drops and shocks. There are certainly some protections to limit the damage, but no one is immune to accidents. Who can I contact to fix our phone or our tablet when the screen is broken?

The breaking of the glass that protects the touch cell phone screen and the latter, in case of more severe impact, are, in fact, the two most common causes of failure. For each model, replacement kits are sold a few dollars on the internet, but most users are not able to perform this cell phone screen repair. In addition, all manufacturers do not load the restoration of broken equipment – anyway, breakage is never covered by the warranty. Some offer a standard exchange, which is much more expensive to the consumer. Also, companies that provide this service are they appeared. For our investigation, we focused on providers who repair smartphones and tablets Apple and Samsung, the main actors. However, some also accept other devices: for example, takes tablets Archos;, those of Blackberry, Motorola, Dell and Archos, smartphones from Nokia and Blackberry; those different brands.more info about phone screen repair from

Two ways to cell phone screen repair: online shops or real shops
In our selection of providers that support repair screens of smartphones and tablets, we used exclusively online services ( see table). If you choose this option, you just send off your mail and when a camera is repaired, it is returned to you at your home. National coverage of these companies is a guarantee of reliability. The other option is to go to a local repairer, usually a small multi- store operator specializing in mobile phones and accessories. Everything will depend on the skill of the technician, but in referring to our table, you will have arguments to negotiate the price of its intervention.

It is not always possible to obtain the installation of a window or a new screen with the sign where we bought a smartphone or tablet. Thus, the after-sales service Darty stores not provide this service. At Costco, if it is an Apple product, it is the manufacturer’s conditions apply, namely the exchange standard, much more expensive than simply replacing. Indeed, an Apple Store or Apple Authorized shop, do not take care of repairing the broken device, it will be exchanged helped prices.

Cell Phone Screen Repair

For example, an iPad, it will cost between 261 and 411 €, depending on the model, and the iPhone 3G € 150. Samsung, meanwhile, ensures the repair of its equipment, but in some cases, the price of the procedure is almost equivalent to that of a new unit.

Keep in mind that the breakage of the glass screen or a smartphone or tablet is never covered by the warranty. If you want to insure your equipment against breakage, you must purchase special insurance, but there are many exclusions.

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