How to find the best third party iPhone, iPad, and iPod Repair Company


If you are looking for best third party for the repair of your iPhone, iPod etc. then its time to make a proper search as an initial step. Cellphone repair shops are available but you should find the appropriate one. Check that whether that particular third party repair company is listed on Google or Yelp! Also check their Twitter, Facebook page and official website. A registered cellphone repair company can provide you reliable services and next time you would like to contact them again. Its important especially at that time when you want the repair of your iPad, iPhone or iPod. Some more things that you must consider are discussed in the following lines. So, check out them!

Check the pricing:

Pricing is very important factor and different repair companies charge different prices for repair of iPhone. Basically pricing is a deciding factor whether you should get repair from that particular company or not. Either check their online services, website or ask them directly about the price. Price also differs as per location and the nature of damage. Mostly screen replacement of iPhone 4/4S range $75-$120. But most of the times there would be consistency in price.

Here I am not talking about normal cellphones instead I am deliberating the repair of Apple’s products. So never compromise for price. Those who charge less may provide you inferior repair services/repair parts. Therefore, its prudent to make proper search about the price, repair services and replacement parts of the third company. See more about repair pricing here!

Check the part quality:

Whether you want iPhone repair, iPad repair or iPod repair, another thing that can’t overlook is that what type of parts the repair company is providing. Don’t be hesitant and ask them directly about the repair parts they are using and from where they got them. Some online websites such as Amazon and eBay provide quality repair parts. You me see the high price tag for those repair parts but trust me they never compromise for quality. If your third party is not providing you information then at least ask it about the warranty.

Check the warranty:

Reputable repair companies ensure you about warranty. There is nothing wrong to ask them about the warranty of the repair parts usually the warranty time is 3 months or 90 days across the board. eTech also provides 90 days warranty. But some companies also provide warranty duration longer than this. So, its wholly up to you what you chose for your iPhone repair. If some companies are offering you the warranty time period less than this, its not advocated to catch them for repair.

Check the time frame:

Time frame is another important factor you can’t ignore. Usually iPhone screen replacement take an hour or few. But if the cellphone repair company is asking for days, its time to travel on and find the next one. But again it depends on the nature of damage. If the problem is severe, it will longer time to diagnose that. Remember it!

In short, before going for iPhone repair or any other phone, keep the above suggestions in mind and make a rational decision.

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