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Cell Phone Costume

When they were introduced first in the market, cell phones were a commodity reserved exclusively for elite and wealthy group of the society. However, within few years they have become almost an indispensable part of our world. Even in third world countries, almost everyone can be seen carrying a cell phone; they have become so indispensable as well as affordable too. If asked, 9 out of 10 people will swear that they cannot live without a cell phone. When cell phones have become so hugely popular, why not to dress up as a cell phone this Halloween season?read more here!

Now when it comes to the variety of cell phone costumes, literally an sky is the limit. Cell Phone costumes can be an excellent way of conveying it to people at large, what your favourite phone is by dressing up like that particular model of the cell phone. Or you may also dress up in a cell phone costume of that particular cell phone model that you don’t like and want to make fun of.

Welcome to CellPhoneCostume.Com, the web’s number one place to find costumes that pay homage to the world’s number one craze: talking on your cell! Americans are not alone in their love affair with the cell phone. Billions of people around the world own a cell and most of them stay connected to it during the entire waking hours! That’s a whole lot of talking! But everyone will be talking about you when you show up at the party, masquerade ball, or other event dressed in your cell phone costume.

Most cell phone costumes are pretty basic. They are a slip on the outfit that is made to resemble a cell phone with an antennae hat. Others are more sophisticated and may actually feature cell phone sound effects, like dial tones, ring tones, or ring back tones. This can be a fitting costume for any age, and can be quite hilarious. You will find a wide range of cutesy cell phone costume options for children and adults alike.

When looking for accessories for your cell phone costume, be sure to choose shoes that not only blend in with the color of the cell phone costume, but that are comfortable to wear. This is true for kids, too since they will often walk several miles during the course of one trick-or-treat outing. Invariably, it is cold in many parts of the country on trick-or-treat night or Halloween, so you can always cover up those legs with matching leg warmers if your cell phone costume has openings for your legs and leaves your bare legs exposed to the elements.

And finally, finding the right cell phone costume can be fun – but be sure that you make it reflective. Choose a cell phone costume that has reflective stripes already sewn on, or add your own so that traffic can see you while trick-or-treating. You can also carry a flash light and a reflective treat bag.

Cell Phone Costume

It is seen that a few folks tend to get pretty snobby about the cell phone they use and at times it gets so far as to break out in heated arguments on what phone or phone carrier is the best. Now you can use cell phone costumes to break that tension and have some fun talking about the heated arguments you had some days back.read reviews from http://www.complex.com/pop-culture/2015/10/knock-knock-review-eli-roth-keanu-reeves

It is not difficult to make a cell phone costume at home, but if you want to save yourself some time, it is best to buy one of the beautiful cell phone costumes available online. They are pretty much affordable and there are many chances that you will find a cell phone costume based on your favourite model of phone.

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