5 Things to Know When Deciding on Samsung’s Galaxy S8 Smartphone


If have boarded a flight in the past six months then you likely know that Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 wasn’t exactly the hottest item around. Well, actually, you could argue that it was…literally! With reports of the phone exploding, the phone model was quickly recalled.


And while the Note 8 may have now been released, many people are hesitant to return to the device, instead of giving consideration to Samsung’s flagship, the Galaxy S8.


If you are one of these previous owners, below is an article to help your decision.


Infinite Display

This is what Samsung’s marketing group are calling the slab or glass which sits on the front of the phone. And, to be fair, it’s a reasonable marketing term to use. Curving around the left and right sides of the phone, the screen almost becomes one with the body of the device.


Of course, this extra space isn’t just there to show that it can be done. Samsung has enabled a range of apps and widgets to operate in the space, giving you information such as weather advice and notifications.


This large screen had to come at the expense of something else, and in this iteration, it was the front facing fingerprint scanner. Samsung has made the popular decision to move the scanner to the back of the phone, just under the camera. It is debatable whether this is a good placement, however like it or not, that’s where it is.


Camera Specs

The biggest selling point for phones nowadays seems to be the camera quality. After all, the majority of them seem to perform the same task.


In the case of the Galaxy S8, it shares the same camera specs as its previous version, the Galaxy S7, instead relying on a range of software updates and process improvements to squeeze even more quality out of the same camera module. While this was likely done in an attempt to keep the build and, in turn, the selling price down, it is true that Samsung is able to get you a better picture from the same sensor.


Operating System

For those who are addicted to online shopping at sites like the Groupon Coupons page for Office Depot, rest assured that Android Nougat (7.0) runs like a dream thanks to the improvement Samsung have made to their interface, largely reducing the amount of clutter and bloatware which previously accompanied the device.


Of course, in true Samsung fashion, you can expect to receive timely updates to the operating system, albeit it not as timely as many would like, and especially not as quick as Google Nexus or Pixel device owners.


If you are in the market for a new phone and you aren’t sure if you want to return to the Galaxy Note range, the Galaxy S8 is a powerful workhorse of a device which can accomplish many, if not most, of the tasks which you would throw at your Galaxy Note.

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