When out running errands or just sitting at home, smart phones have been proven to be a great toy for both toddlers and babies. Listed below are some of the best apps for your small child.

To help your child learn both colors and fine-motor skills Spot the Dot is the perfect app. Designed by David A. Carter, a renowned children’s author, the goal of this app is to have the child spot a colored dot that hides in plain sight or behind other tiles. This app also has a great replay value because the spot is never in the same spot.Get more information here. http://www.education.com/worksheets/shapes/

Another great app for any small child is SketchMoo2. This app works just as a Magnadoodle, but uses your finger instead of a pen. This is a great app for teaching your child how to learn to draw and is also a great way for you to teach your child as well. What your child can draw is limited by their imagination. In addition to being a great way to draw pictures, you could also have your young toddler practice their writing their letters, numbers and shapes. When your child wants to erase their drawing and create a new one, they just have to swipe the bar across the bottom of the screen.