Every electronic and technology whether it is Apple or Metro PCS works within a time period that is designed for it.  Electronics have a specific time in which it functions in a proper way, replaces with specific schedule, and then get out of order because of the batter which fades […]

IPhone’s are renowned for having excellent security features until we do the famous “jailbreak hack” on our iPhone, causing security vulnerabilities and making our beloved phone unstable, and suddenly we are in need of cell phone repair. To jailbreak an iPhone is unauthorized by Apple, once we have hacked our […]

There comes a time that everyone might need some cell phone repairs, because of a cracked phone screen. We all love the new kind of phones that are touch screens. However, the moment that you are letting the phone slip through your fingers and let if fall to the ground, […]

Cell Phone Screen Repair

We are more likely searching to cell phone screen repair because we have a smartphone or a tablet, or both, in order to stay connected at all times during our travels. These devices that we win, now permanently with us even more vulnerable to drops and shocks. There are certainly […]

Cell Phone Costume

When they were introduced first in the market, cell phones were a commodity reserved exclusively for elite and wealthy group of the society. However, within few years they have become almost an indispensable part of our world. Even in third world countries, almost everyone can be seen carrying a cell […]